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Thursday, 13 September 2012

I am back!

Oh my goodness it has been a long time!

I have gotten myself into a real mess too!  I am waiting to get an MRI done on my right knee which means I can hardly walk.

Work has been crazy busy and I was taking a night course 2 nights a week through the summer.

Now it is Septmeber and I have gained back most of the weight I lost doing the CBC pedometer challenge...I don't belly dance, I don't nordic stride, I barely walk and I don't do zumba.

Really, I don't do anything but work and sleep and read and knit and crochet...

And to top it all off, my blood sugar is creeping back up.  Thanks to my sister Tracey for mentioning to me some of my issues could be because of my blood sugar.

So yesterday I made a CHOICE!  We are all capable of making our own choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices.

I choose not to be diabetic.  The consequence of that choice is that I have to do something to keep me from being diabetic.

I chose to go back to Weight Watchers!  I did a little bit of much as I could handle with my very sore knee...and my blood sugar has already come down some.

My blog is called "My journey to improved health" for a reason.  I remember telling Reg Sherren in an interview that, "I know myself and I know that I will find excuses".  And I most certainly did but you know what?  Every day is chance to start over and to make a CHOICE! 

One choice can change your life, if you let it.  Will it be a good choice?

For me, I am making the BEST choice for me and for my family and for my friends!

Stay tuned!

Monday, 14 May 2012


There I am doing my "thing"! Wow what a great time. And this past weekend the step count went Thursday, 11,500, Friday, 10,???, Saturday 10,??? and pedometer on because it was homework day! And I did some serious pruning on some serious bushes. I returned to Nordic Stride and was reminded what a great workout it is! Off to Zumba Gold tonight in some new exercise duds...but NOT MOISTURE WICKING!!! I am so frustrated that I contacted a supplier in China to get samples of moisture wicking fabric and waterproof raincoat material so I can make my own plus-sized exercise clothing! Anyone want to invest in a company?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Winnipeg Manitoba Milk Board Nutrition Conference

Well friends, I actually went to Winnipeg to speak in front of dieticians and phys ed teachers about my experience on the CBC. Not only my experience on the CBC but what life has been like for me as an overweight person. I had the audience laughing and crying...myself included! I had a great time and it amazed me how Stu Phillips, researcher at McMaster University in the Department of Kinesiology, Dale Hayes, Arlene Cristall and I all had the same message: STOP FOCUSING ON WEIGHT AS A MARKER OF HEALTH! I feel very priviledged to have shared the stage with experts in the field. What was so wonderful was to be able to provide a "real life" example so that the conference attendees could hear that "it really does happen!" I continue to wear my pedometer and get as many steps as I can and now it is a normal occurrence for me to get over 10,000 steps a day, 2 or more times a week! When I have some pictures I will try to post them. I want to thank the two Annas, the two Pats and Sara for welcoming me to Winnipeg! I want to thank Arlene Cristall for the difference she is making in families with children who are struggling with weight issues. And of course, I want to thank Stu for being my wing man! We sure did leave a lasting impression in Winnipeg!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The link can be found at the website found below

Ongoing Research Supporting my Real Life Experience

One of the researchers at McMaster sent me this link. WOW! I am so excited to be benefiting from the research that is taking place around the world and here at home.

I wish Dr. Mosley had worn a pedometer during the day!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Wow! I tried Bollywood today and it looks a lot easier than it is. But isn't that true about everything! Years of practicing any activity makes a person able to do it with ease.

I am enjoying the new activities I am continually trying. And my stepping is going great! Monday 11,500, Tuesday, oops 8,500, today already at 10,000. I recall days just getting 7,000 steps was a challenge!

Someone told me today I look like I have lost weight. That could very well be but what is even better is that I FEEL GREAT!!!

I wonder what adventures I will get into over the weekend! I know that I won't be posting until Sunday or Monday so you can be sure I will have lots to tell!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday, could it be?

The Beatles sure had that right? How could it be Monday already? What fantastic weather we are having for the middle of March!

And what a fantastic weekend I had. I got more than 20,000 steps on Saturday and spent time visiting with a great friend. But when you stay awake until 3am talking, it is hard to wake up before we discovered! So Sunday was a very non-stepping day at only 2,500 steps.

That's okay though because I made some great healthy eating choices!

This week is going to be another fantastic week of weather and I plan on getting outdoors to walk a lot! And I have to start preparing for the conference!